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A.S.H - Archaic Sealed Heat is a searchable term!

JihadJesusJihadJesus Registered User regular

For those not in the know, Archaic Sealed Heat is an upcoming DS RPG/SRPG. Why should you care? Well...
  1. It's made by Mistwalker, and the main designer for the game is Hironobu Sakaguchi - you might remember him, he was involved in a couple games you may have heard of. Like Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI. And Vagrant Story. And Parasite Eve. I could go on like this for a while, but I think you get the point - he's got a pretty good track record. You might also recognize the names of composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Vagrant Story, FFT, Odin Sphere, many more).

  2. It looks freaking incredible. Seriously. Check out a glimpse:


    Very little in the way of media has been released yet, so hopefully I'll have more screens to add soon.

Intrigued? I sure as hell am. Here's a rundown of what's known so far:
  • The storyline centers around an Empress named Aisha, and of course the Archaic Sealed Heat, a sacred (or something) flame. Supposedly those who touch the flame are burnt to ash, but will be revived - and their memory remains bound in ASH, which will fight (or something to that effect).

  • Battle is both SRGP and JRPG. From what little has been shown in screenshots, it looks like you move about on a grid ala SRPGs since forever, but upon initiating battle go into a three party member JRPG style battle. How exactly this works is still not known, but there's speculation that the units you see on the map are your main, story characters and the party it represents for the battles can be composed either of other humans or of various ASH warriors.

  • Humans can fall into various classes with distinct abilities. Whether or not class switching/combining/whatever is available is not yet known. Hit the spoiler for concept art for each class. Translations are bound to be shoddy, since they're just he said/I heard/posted somewhere direct translations of the original Japenese (plus my guess at what they actually are)

    Longsword (maybe Swordmaster?)


    Black Mage

    White Mage

    Item User (Alchemist)


    Monster Mage (Summoner)
  • Features CG movies, supposedly lots of them. What we've seen so far (example below) are of course stunning. Also rumored to include extensive voice acting. Wondering how they're fitting it all in? Beats me. Maybe they're using a larger-than-normal cart.


Craving a release date? Me too. A Japanese release date of October 4, 2007 in a recent Famitsu scan (apparently either this one or this one here). Still no word on release dates outside Japanland, though.

For those of you skilled in moon language (or simply looking for a small number of pretty pictures and a sampling of the soundtrack in the background), head on over to the official ASH site.

JihadJesus on
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