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We will be meeting at the Transportation and Ticket Center (Magic Kingdom Parking) at 10 AM. If anyone has issues paying $8 for parking, please IM/PM me. If you are being dropped off by someone who will not be staying, IM/PM me.

I will be at the TTC by 9:30 (latest) to wait for you guys. If anyone is running WAY early, call me and let me know so we can be sure to find each other. I WILL BE PAST THE TICKET SELLERS, BUT BEFORE THE GATES, hopefully standing on a bench as close to the center as possible. I will be wearing a red shirt and will be holding a sign that says something about FloPAX (or maybe 'It's not FOR you'). I may be loud and obnoxious.

HERE IS HOW WE WILL DO TICKETS. I figured that having Mom buy them in advance was just asking for trouble. Florida residents (and most of us are) get almost the exact same discount as she does (and she is STILL letting 3 of you guys in with her for free and I get in on my annual pass, thus lowering the price per person). So, when everyone shows up, I will do the math ($53 * number of people-4, then divided by the number of people) and we will all pitch in our total. Then one (or two) of us Florida residents will purchase the tickets for the remaining people. That way, if someone can't make it, Mom and I aren't stuck with a one-day ticket we can't use.

If you are running late, call me. If you are running very early, call me. If you cannot come at the last minute, call me. If you really have to poop, don't call me. Just poop.

an umbrella (it is almost guaranteed to rain)
sneakers and socks (no heels, wook)
money (give me some leeway as to price per person; just cuz I say 'about $20' doesn't mean it won't wind up being $30. It all depends on how many people come)

Remember, everyone is still invited to Universal Studios on Friday with me and wook (and maybe Raneados). If you're interested, drop me an IM/PM.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, just get in contact with me. I'm sure I probably forgot something.

UPDATE 6: We are meeting at 10 AM at the Transportation and Ticket Center (Magic Kingdom Parking) and will take the Monorail over to the park. I'll scope out the area and post a specific location soon. I will have a sign. Price per person might still go down before Saturday (yay). Everyone please solidify your plans by tomorrow (that is, assure that you are coming).

UPDATE 5: Fanboi is coming, whee. Price per person is $20 again. If anyone talks to Defenestrator, find out if he's coming. :P Additionally, we should probably decide when we want to meet. I'm thinking 10 AM.

UPDATE 4: Reversed the order of the updates, not that it's important. Anyway, since TBW can't come, the price per person has dropped to $12. I'd still like to know if Defenestrator is going to come or not, but he hasn't responded to my PM. :(

UPDATE 3: ATTENTION. Raneados might need a ride from Tampa to Orlando. If anyone's coming that way, please help him out. Don't make the poor boy ride a bus.

UPDATE 2: Based on the number of people attending and assuming that we have to pay Mom's discounted price for tickets, the price averages out to $20 per person, but THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on if more people confirm (or. . . unconfirm. . .). Please keep checking back.

UPDATE: List of who's coming. By 'confirmed' I mean you have said, 'Hey, I am totally coming.' Don't give me any 'barring a tragic car accident or the death of a family member, I'm coming' shit; either you are or you aren't. Anyone who hasn't confirmed is still welcome to do so.

t TheBlackWind - You were supposed to check up on military discounts. Please do so.

t Defenestrator - Man, are you coming or what?

Alternate title: Sheri Makes a Thread

Hello, SoEasters (and wook)! Some of you may have heard that Sneak and I are organizing first PAX for forumers in the south eastern US. After receiving feedback from you guys, here is the plan so far (subject to change):

Date: July 23rd, 2005
Location: Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida (USA)
Time: 10 AM
Cost: $20 per person (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

The date is not subject to change because wook has already booked his flight. Disney is the best choice because it is the only place we are guaranteed to get discounts (see below). We'll figure out time along the way.

In addition to going to Disney, we also might go see a movie in the evening at the AMC theater in Downtown Disney (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opens the weekend before).

Here's how the pricing works, since I know it's an issue to many people. My mother's a cast member, so she gets what is called a Main Gate Pass. This pass allows her and three other people to get into one park on one day for free (I have an annual pass). Now, we aren't very well going to choose our favorite people and everyone else has to pay. Instead, I am going to hunt down the best and most reliable deals on tickets (I don't want anyone to wind up with a fake ticket; the best and most reliable might be the $60 Disney tickets) and then divide the cost of those tickets among everyone who attends (including myself). Here is an example:

If 8 people (including myself) are attending, three will get in with Mom, I will be free and we will have to purchase 4 tickets at $60 each. This averages to $30 per person. However, if we can get discount tickets (and I did see a site selling two one-day park passes for $25. At that rate, with 8 people attending, the ticket cost is $6.25 per person (25 * 2 / 8 ). My guess is that the actual cost per person will be somewhere in between those two.

I will announce the final cost of attending after we solidify the number of attendees.

Here are the people who HAVE SAID THAT THEY ARE COMING (assuming that nothing terrible happens):

Sheri (confirmed)
wook (confirmed)
Raneados (confirmed)
AHH! (confirmed)
Just_Bri_Thanks (confirmed)
Fanboi (confirmed)
Sneak and Megan (confirmed)


So, if you plan on attending, please confirm here. If you're interested, please post. If you have suggestions, suggest away (but we are not renaming it TamPAX because we are not going to be in Tampa). If you need help attending (you need a ride, etc), post and let us know. We're looking forward to it!

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