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To R. Khoo: Trailer Premiere at PAX?

Kato_ArabelKato_Arabel Registered User
edited August 2005 in PAX Archive
Alright, so here's the bomb. Yah. See, we're working on completing a really good (maybe awesome) trailer for my ongoing film project, 'Edge of Chaos Trilogy'. We got some beta builds of it going and we're nearly ready to pop it out on the 'net, yah.

But really, we don't want it out on the 'net just yet. I wanted to know if there was a way to get more exposure, yah, by having the trailer be premiered at PAX just before it goes up for download all over the internet. See, yah, we can send you a copy of the trailer with all the bells and whistles, before PAX and see if you guys are interested in showing it to the rest of the PA folks at PAX. It's a two-minute video, yah.

Interested in seeing it? We aren't after fame and fortune, yah, but we do want to show that we -do- exist, yah, and that we want to show our talents to as broad an audience as possible.

Now, here, this is our main site. Da'ht hammer it too hard, now, ya hear?

Edge of Chaos Trilogy Official Website

A'ight, yah, I think that's all I need t' say now, so ah'll just wait for you to reply, Mr. Khoo, yah. G'day, mate.

*waddles out of the thread*

P.S. Before we start complaining about possible legalities, this is a non-profit project intended to inflate the company's (me and the boss's) portfolios, as well as spread the knowledge about the filmmaking genre called Machinima. The trailer will have original music, voice acting, and helladamn awesome work. :3

P.P.S. BTW, if you guys have never watched Samurai Jack, I pity you -- I was talking like the Don in that one episode where Jack is helping the Mafia recover a special water-controlling gem from a dangerous fortress. >.>

Don: See here, yah, we gotta get this (insert objective here) from that fortress, and bring it to Lord Aku, yah yah."

Kato_Arabel on


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