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Tutorials, Questions, and Discussion Thread

bombardierbombardier mr. mullyVancouver, BCModerator mod
edited November 2006 in Ancient Forum Knowledge
It looks like the old thread has been sucked into a black hole and is gone forever, so this will have to be started from scratch.

Use this thread for:
  • asking questions pertaining to the forum or art instead of making a new thread for them
  • discussing said questions or issues in the forum
  • posting links to useful tutorials you come across on the Internet
  • post tutorials that you made yourself

Mods, please add links, tutorials, and links to useful posts to this post whenever you see them.


Basic Lighting/Texture/Form Tutorial and Reference Guide

Alduar's Abstract Art Tutorial/Process

Making a Comic by eliseu gouveia
Penny Arcade Accumulated Forum Knowledge/Making a Comic


Over a Dozen links to Misc Reference Photos
Penny Arcade Accumulated Forum Knowledge/Reference Links

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