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Minneapolis Gamers

TroyTroy Registered User
edited November 2007 in Critical Failures
Just thought I would throw this out there for anyone in the minneapolis area.

The Souce Comics and games is hosting a big D&D event this sat Nov. 3rd.

There are going to be a few guests and they are as follows:

1) World class fantasy illustrator - Jeffrey Easley
2) Primary Architect of 4th Edition - Mike Mearls
3) World class RPG writer & game author - Kenneth Hite
4) The guy who started it all - Dave Arneson

I'm going to go simply to meet Arneson, but I would also like to see what Mike Mearls has to say about 4th edition.

Anyone going to go?

Edit: Also there is a "special sale" which basically means 50% off of everything/or off one thing I can't remember either way thats a kick ass deal.

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