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Gaming Wishlists and you

Venkman90Venkman90 Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Games and Technology
I love my DSlite, but I have noticed since Worms OW2 there is little else around to be exited for (DQ and FFT seem to be ages away), this always leads me to start wondering what I would like to see on the preview pages for my DS and a lesser extent my PC, and since this forum is one of the best places for damn good ideas I feel it's been too long since we had a gaming wishlist! (well last one I started was a year ago...)


Daggerfall: I doubt there would be much money in it for Bethesda to convert it, and I guess with how buggy it is an individual may not be able to, but if one thing could make me flash my DS for homebrew it would be this. Graphics be damned the idea of a full free roaming RPG on the DS with all it's depth and win makes me misty.

Syndicate: There may be a theme of DOS conversions here, but again this game would suit so well to the DS (PC version!) with the touch screen and it's another game with a ton of depth...and flamethrowers into crowds of people, lest we forget.

Abuse: Last dos game, you get the picture, but play it and you may just see why it needs a stylus input system, although games like Contra may sate my desire to an extent.

Diablo: So I lied, although really it's windows iirc not dos......speaks for itself, I just want something with some Depth and dungeon crawling on the DS!


A Zombie Apocolypse Sim / MMO / RTS: Get to saftey, gather your resources, barricade those windows, organise your survivors, scout for food and weapons, run skirmishes into infected zones for resources, defend agaisnt the dead and bandits, be a bandit yourself and raid towns, become the undead and pursue the flesh of the living...

A point and click based on Spaced in the vein of a Lucasart P&C: Obscure no? Play as Tim, Daisy or Mike to solve the infintie mystery of if Brian is really gay..or something. I dont know I just have an image of Sam and Max but with Tim in a beanie mooching about in London playing on the slots in pubs, actually starting to sound like a British version of theres an idea!

Any other takers or am I the only one bored at work

Venkman90 on


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