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advice from vista users.

Xenocide GeekXenocide Geek Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
alright, so... i just bought an 8800GT (hell yeah!), and i'm going to upgrade to Vista, for DX10 and whatnot.

i've sort of let myself slide when it comes to information about Vista, so i need some help here.

i plan to install it probably tomorrow/two days from now, and i wanted to see if anybody could tell me the native windows services to turn off, what software updates to avoid, or whatever.

i'm talking about stuff like, when SP2 for Windows XP use to completely break it.

Vista is usable now, right? i'm mildly worried about Vista spying on me, something nagging at the back of my mind - some kind of service that's built in, that acts like some sort of firewall/antivirus? i'm honestly not sure, which is why i'm making this thread.

what should i look out for, what should i download to fix any issues that may come up, what should i turn off, etc. or has all this been fixed since Vista's release and everybody complaining? i'm willing to go to extreme lengths - i'm a computer guy, so i enjoy learning the ins and outs of an operating system, but i need a leg up initially.

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