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Share your pics!

DarkphibreDarkphibre Registered User regular
edited September 2005 in PAX Archive
Hey all. I don't post much, but I'm a huge PA fan. I'm a bit of a photo nut, and take lots of photos to the cons I go to. You may remember my panoramic from last year's line (I've got more panos for this year). This year I thought we could all post our pictures on flickr, in the "PAX05" set.

I took around 500 photos yesterday, and uploaded a few of the nice ones from the panels/concert. I haven't used flickr to this extent before, but it seems to be the perfect tool for uniting all our photos together.

Don't have much time now, gotta run to the first panel. But upload your photos and add the PAX05 tag.[/url]

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