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skate 3: witty title under construction

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skate 2.
We're back.


So what's been going on?
Set 5 years after the original, things have changed in San Vanelona. The city was destroyed by natural TERRORISM and has been conveniently rebuilt just in time for your apparent escape from jail. I'll be honest, I don't know what you're doing in jail in the first place, but it's probably connected to skateboarding and disasters, and will be explained in the likely-entertaining intro video (skate's was fantastic).

What does this mean for me?
Well the city has a different layout, for a start. It's a good excuse to do that. Secondly there's a big, bad, anti-skating corporation running everything and making your life a hassle. One of the RPG elements of the game will reportedly have you made a choice to either work for this company or against them. Choosing the former makes heavy use of the 'get off your board and walk around' mechanics, where you are expected to show up at 8:55am every day and push furniture around until 5:30pm where you go home and sleep until the next day*.

*[tiny]unconfirmed in a preview I just made up[/tiny]

As pointed out early on, however, in those 5 years spent making nice with the inmates, skateboarders have now learned not only how to step off their boards, but also how to move things around. You are now free to walk around and position yourself how you like, and grab tables, funboxes, rails, and other bits and bobs to make your own lines and fun things to do. Isn't that cool?

You've also been practicing your mad skating skills, and have learned a few new tricks that affords you a far greater range of ways to screw up and chew concrete. Firstly, you have the ability to remove your feet from the board (press one of your 'push' buttons in the air, preferably while grabbing) or to hippy jump (hold both 'push' buttons and release to SPROING). These basically cause a sudden explosion in variety. Go on, check your trick list.
You also now have the ability to bust out some funky handplants, again modified with the face buttons or whatever.
There is also the inclusion of special moves. Try flicking both sticks around in different combos to execute them. So far the list discovered reads like so:
McTwist 540
Half-Cab Nutscratcher
'The Jerky'
Super Ollie
40-60 Grind
Tony Hawk
{list will be updated}

What if I already have skate?
Then you may be perfectly happy playing that, and more power to you. But I do suggest giving the demo a try and seeing what you can come up with, because there's already some rather cool things being done. Don't believe me? Watch this.

Awesome Tech

Uh.. I mean this

Awesome Tech!!!

I know, right?

Also, watch this, made by our very own Blakout

A handy site where you can go to upload your videos! Made by our very own xzzy, so be nice, thank him, and try not to break his internets.

Can I play with my friends?
Yes. To some degree, but I am uncertain exactly what the full range of multiplayer features will be (how open the city is, what modes and so on), although the demo features a couple of local modes that you may wish to try. I hear they are fun.

If you want people to play with, you can do worse than post in this thread and ask for gamertags and PSN IDs, add some folk, and get it on.

360-owners can also send a friend request to PA Skate2 and use it like a clan list thing. You all know how that works now. It's run by MyNameIsWalrus, so.. just post in here to get his attention if you're left hanging.

If you're-a-peein (hurrr, European) then you should add Tu Wang Clan to your list, where other cultured gentlemen will gladly find the time to skate with you.

Name - ID

BloodyRoarXX - bloodyroarxx
Nocren - Nocren
liquidlogan - liquidlogan


Afghan youth have learned to recover almost instantly from such routine violence. One person determined to inject some normalcy into their lives is Oliver Percovich. A 34-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, he plans to open this country’s first skateboarding school, Skateistan, this spring. He sees sport as a way to woo students into after-school activities like English and computer classes, which are otherwise reserved for the elite.
“Teenagers are trying to dissociate from old mentalities, and I’m their servant,” Percovich said. “If they weren’t interested, I would’ve left a long time ago.”


Here's some arsey text I wrote for the old OP that says how to actually control the thing, just in case you've forgotten!

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