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[TOURNEY ON...AGAIN] Team Fortress 2 Penny Arcade Tournament TWO!

RiokennRiokenn Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Games and Technology
Tournament Administrators:

*Riokenn-If you have any questions you can contact me via AIM. (BoomDoom64)


Elimination style gameplay.
First Round
For the first round, teams will play 3 rounds of each map. Best of three wins. If the map timer runs out, then the winner of that match is determined by Sudden Death. The Sudden Death timer will be extended to give teams a lot of time to determine a victor. If both teams should turtle and no victor, they must play the same level again with the same rules.


Teams will play either Gravelpit or Dustbowl. Both teams will get a shot at attacking. If your team successfully attacks, and defends then you win. If it comes to a stalemate the match will be decided by playing 2Fort. First team to get 3 captures wins, otherwise the match is decided by sudden death as explained above (if time should run out).


The victors of the semi-finals will match off on Hydro. The first team to clear the map and gain total victory wins. This match will continue until a clear winner can be determined. Prepare yourselves for a marathon matchup! The losers of the semi-final will also get to play each other on Hydro for the glory of 3rd place (or second loser).

Date and Time:

Post what times are more convenient for you to play. Most likely, the matches will be on the weekends and late fridays. Maybe thursdays if it can work out. When you post to sign up, please post your times for Friday, Saturday and Sunday when you are available.

Signups and Teams:

Post if you wish to participate, also please include your steam name and link to your steam page. People who post on the first day will have a greater chance of being a captain. Each team will be assigned a captain. How this will work is basically the person with the most time spent on the Steam client (AKA Steam Rating) and/or Team Fortress 2 (along with how good you are) will be assigned a team to organize. After each team is assigned a captain, and whenever sign ups are done they get to choose who they want to be on their team via draft. How this will work is the captain will post on this thread who they want in their team from the sign up list, the who they choose will go in order. Team 1 chooses ONE person, then team 2 chooses ONE person etc. After the draft is done, it is wise to make a group on the steam community for your team to keep your members in check. After that, based on the times people have, we will set up which teams fight.

OR if you guys think this is too confusing. We could just have team randomly generated and team sizes determined by the number of players. The list will be posted once signups have ended. Once teams are posted I suggest you get together over Steam community (you can even make a group for your team to better organize). Choosing a captain is up to you, but it is suggested to have one for interfacing with the administrators. Tournament administrators are not able to be team captains, and cannot make decisions when their team is invovled. There are no class limitations.
Further details about team sizes and makeup will be posted tomorrow once signups are over.


We would need a server to play these matches, Im going to ask one of the people who owns a PA server to see if we can hold our matches there.

The team numbers mean nothing, any team might go up against any other team.
Image Courteous of Alabaster Slim!

Captains:I made it so that for every 6 people that I record their stats here someone from the group will be made captain.
Team 1 : Captain-Ash-Housewares--Engineer/25.1/2,467
Team 2 : Captain-dougfunny78--Pyro/18.4/4,633
Team 3 : Captain-
Team 4 : Captain-
Team 5 : Captain-
Team 6 : Captain-
Team 7 : Captain-
Team 8 : Captain-

Free Agents:
These are people who are up for grabs by the captains.
Their stats will be included by their name, which will be which character they use the most/average kills/average damage.
-An Innocent Civilian--Sniper/9.4/1,872
-Hotlead Junkie--
-[SCT] Sheer Gibberish--Medic/7.2/1,198

Riokenn on


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