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[Suggest on!] 360 Black Friday and games

DiannaoChongDiannaoChong Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Games and Technology
So Best Buy has 360 "pro" + guitar hero 2 w/ guitar for 350$ (this might be with the pack in 2 games too, weill see) on black friday. I am finally taking the plunge for the system.... (probably will get rock band)

What games are "must haves" for the system? I plan on owning the following:
Ace combat 6
Dead rising
Mass Effect
PGR4 people are saying is good.
(on the borrow list) Assassin's Creed, Halo3
(depending on what I see in it) Eternal sonata

I have absoulutely no interest in halo 3. Never that big into console FPS, but games like vegas and gears of war are enough difference that they are amazing (mostly for the coop, yes halo has coop, but it was just too bland for me). I do plan on picking it up once its bargin bin or if I can just borrow it from a friend.

Speaking of Vegas and Gears of war, I have these for PC and have no interest in picking up on console, same with orange box/bioshock/oblivion.

No interest in sports games (NBA/Madden). I enjoy arcade style racing(aka not grand turismo)

What else are must haves for the system? Ever since I got disapointed with the first 6 months of wii I decided I need at least 5-6 games that are must have before picking up a console.....

If the thread gets enough interest ill change this into a general "Whats to buy for the 360" thread for the holidays....

DiannaoChong on


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