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Tube's List Of Enemies And To A Much Lesser Extent Console Friends Of Various Kinds

TubeTube Says some shitAdministrator, ClubPA admin
edited May 2008 in Chatlog
1. Morrissey
2. The child on the bicycle
3. Taxi drivers
4. Richard Madeley
5. The accursed spawn of Mr Thunswick
6. The Greater Thumpingston Royal Madrigal Society
7. The woman with the large dog named Titan
8. The counties of Cork and Londonderry
9. Gillian Mckeith
10. Robert Khoo

Knob's List Of Enemas
11. Barium
12. Saltwater
13. Chardonnay
14. Yorkshire Pudding

Lar's List of Emmys
15. Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
16. Mediocre Supporting Actor in Comedy Series
17. Most Elaborate Replacement Antenna
18. Biggest Fish Caught in an Aquarium at Red Lobster

Stupid Wii Friends Who Don't Really Like You

If you want your name added, PM orikaeshigitae and he'll add you. Don't PM me for Christ's sake. I hate you. I always talk about you behind your back.

orikae edit - if you pm me i will edit all your recent posts to have the text 'im gay'

The Same But For The Vastly Superior X-Box 360 Console

The Same List For The Extravagant Rich Boy Doorstop That Is The PS3

Marvel at how pathetically short it is.

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