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Rarrggh your data is delicious rarrgh

JaninJanin Registered User
edited December 2007 in Singularity Engine++
This is a thread for sharing stories about your total fuck-ups, the more damage caused the better.

Earlier this week, I decided to resize my home filesystem (containing all code, pictures, music, movies, passwords and encryption keys etc). Total of about 350GB. It freezes about halfway through, so I leave it on over night. In the morning, my filesystem is read-only and measures 11TB of 3TB used.


It is now three days later, and most of that has been spent trying not to let my compute rape itself. The filesystem checker took days to run, and in the end couldn't seem to fix everything (as I type this, I/O errors stream by in another window). All of my wallpapers, tv shows, movies are gone. About half of my music has nothing but 0-byte files remaining. I still don't know how much, if any, of the projects I was working on at the time survived.

I type this on my portable, next to the shell of a once-mighty computer, and hope some of you guys can share horror stories that make this not seem too bad (in before Stale: "I once destroyed three planets with sheer manliness").

Janin on


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