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After 700 years alone... (Wall-E, new Pixar movie)

TankHammerTankHammer Extreme GhostbusterRegistered User regular
edited December 2007 in Singularity Engine++
I still haven't seen Cars or Ratatouille but I just watched The Incredibles again the other day and I just found out about Disney and Pixar's new CG animated film Wall-E.

Site and Trailer here

The NEW Trailer(MySpaceTV)

The trailer looks very cute and I love the main character's animation. I've always had a soft spot for robots, including Wall-E's predecessor Johnny 5 (I mean, look at the eyes and treads, this guy is clearly a baby Short Circut robot).

Here are a couple of still shots:


Awww! Look how kewt he iz!

I'm excited for this movie, it looks really cool and I dig the sci-fi premise. There is a lot of opportunity for expressiveness in our mechanical friend as well and this movie will probably be several times better than Robots was, even though I liked that movie's character designs for the most part.

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