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Revisiting your old tunes. ITT: Nostalgia

ShimShamShimSham Registered User regular
edited December 2007 in Singularity Engine++
So last night High Fidelity was on TV. Cusack was rearranging his records autobiographically, based off of when he bought them and all. He said he could explain how he got from Deep Purple to something else in 25 moods. I always loved that line in the movie (despite me not being able to recite it all)

So I was cleaning out some old closets today just to make storage space and get rid of some junk. Found a bag of about 100 CDs from middle school and high school. I had taken them out of my big case years ago for some reason. But I haven't touched these things in years.

Some albums I haven't listened to since 1998-ish, some I probably last listened to around 2003 (though those are few, compared to the many I haven't heard in at least 7 years.)

So wow. Scrolling through I find...
    - All the Nirvana Albums
    - All the Sublime Albums
    - Some mid 90s Beastie Boys
    - Shit ton of Blink 182
    - Weezer, from Blue to Green.
    - Few albums by the Ataris
    - Handful of albums by Less than Jake (Johnny Quest thinks we're what!?)
    - Lots of unpopular pop punk bands' CDs. Though some of the bands like Brand New got famous later on.
    - Lots of Tool albums
    - Old Incubus
    - Old Pearl Jam
    - Limp Bizkit CDs
    - Slipknot CDs
    - Mudvayne
    - 311
    - A ... PC Gameshark disc? What the hell?
    - Two Orgy CDs
    - Lots of old Red Hot Chili Peppers
    - Lots of old Metallica.
    - Then a ton of old mix CDs, I was one of the first guys at my school to ever get a CD burner, back around 1999 ish. Those CDs are likely filled with music from my Napster days.

Every single one albums I can listen to and remember exactly what was going on when I was listening to it a lot. I remember who I was hanging out with at the, round about what grade I was in, and in a lot of cases, whatever girl I was dating or liked at the time.

When I was listening to a lot of Weezer's Pinkerton and Blink 182's Enema, I was constantly thinking about Aprile McGilvray (whom I haven't seen since like 2003 now, she was beautiful though) I remember being like 13 years old and just being a stupid fucking 13 year old that constantly thought about girls and I was listening to those albums at the time.

So break out your old records and reminisce.

ShimSham on


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