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Marcus? Who the hell is Marcus?

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I'm making this thread in honor of my personal favourite comedic minds.
-Michael Showalter
-Michael Ian Black
-And David Wain.

First off, let's take a look at one of the best shows to ever get cancelled after it's first season because nobody liked it.
The show was completely absurd and ridiculas, but somehow managed to not come off as too stupid. From losing their appartment, to running a paper route, to writing a novel, every episode ends with a message about the importance of friendship. Unfortunately I couldn't find any solid youtube clips of the show, other than some lame best of clips that have absolutely no context.


Going back a few years before the show got picked up, they made several great shorts. My personal favourite being this one, 'Pizza'.

The show on Comedy Central changed it's tone slightly, but if you're a fan of the shorts, their Season One DVD is a must buy.

On top of doing their show, shorts, and stand up comedy tours, the trio has worked on several films.

Wet Hot American Summer.

The brand new film, with a hugely awesome cast, The Ten.

Michael Showalter tried a little bit of solo work with his romantic comedy, The Baxter.

Before forming Stella, they were in a comedy troupe called The State that aired on MTV in the early 90's.

After The State was finished, several of the cast members started the now popular show, Reno 911! The show has been on for several seasons and, as you probably know, released a full length movie recently.

So, are there any other Stella fans here? Or do you all hate this show as much as most people do.
I for one watch the Season One DVD more often than I watch reruns of Seinfeld (which is lot), and would do horrible, disgusting things for the show to get picked up for another season.

Until that day (which will likely never come), I'll be forced to fulfill my Stella needs with their various solo projects and pointless threads like this one. That, and my 'Who the Fuck is Marcus?' mug.

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If you feel like it.

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