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[miniphalla] Gremlins: The Corner Project - GAME OVER - Coming of the Don

InfidelInfidel HereticRegistered User regular
edited January 2008 in Critical Failures

Yes. It's full flavoured like regular Phalla, but awesomer.

If you're looking for the narrations, look for the post below this one.


Vote for a player to be killed in bold red. No retractions are necessary, simply revote. All players must vote or things will get very messy. Vote closes at 12:00am EST, only votes stamped 11:59pm EST or earlier will be counted.

No sharing or quoting of PMs with the host.

Don't feed them after midnight.

The game will end one way or another at 6:00am when the sunrises. Day 1 starts at "12:00am", each day is an hour. This means there are a maximum of 6 days of play.

1. Gumpy - Hacker Gremlin
2. Grundlterror
3. Squashua - Biker Gremlin
4. Mr. Embarkation - Choreographer Gremlin
5. Maximus - Princess Gremlin
6. Egos - Gizmo
7. TehSpectre - Bat Gremlin
8. Toxic Toys - Fruit Gremlin
9. El Skid
10. Qorzm - Artist Gremlin
11. DevoutlyApathetic - Operator Gremlin
12. Stew_Stick - Knight Gremlin
13. Zot - Secretary Gremlin
14. Obbi - Mohawk
15. Cheez - Rustler Gremlin
16. Locus - Leader Gremlin
17. Rainfall
18. Rend
19. delroland - Lunatic Gremlin
20. jdarksun - Idiot Gremlin (victorious)

Reserves: FreeAgent, zanmatto, Zerinan, Romantic Undead

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