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Meet the Pyro in the New 360 Thread

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IMPORTANT: If you have a question about wireless adapters and the like go HERE you retarded ponce.

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Manifest - Chupa Cadabra
Bloodlust - BabyEatingJesus
Abdul the Terrible - AbdulDaTerrible
Deadly Melody - Deadly Melody
redimpulse - Red Impulse
Smart Hero - SmartHero
Ashcroft - ashcroft
Fandyien - Fandyien11
Out Of Context - Unnecessary Hats
Bogey - Bogestrom
Ranced - default rance
Poorochondriac - Poorochondriac
JohnnyCache - LowKeyLyesmith
Zonkytonkman - Zonkytonk
Devlin_Dragonus - Devlin Dragonuz
doublehawk00 - doublehawk00
Sanius - Sanius
Knob - KnobbonK
SkankPlaya - when he gets it
bongi - bongitrs
Bbaj - bajinator
Keith - Twice the Keith or Baby Girl Keith
Dublo7 - dublo seven 19
Zephos - Penguin McCool
Vulnox - Vulnox
stale - EA stalegb
SkankPlayer - MrMikeyDubs
Barcardi - ArchTeckGuru
SuperMoses - SuperMoses
weretaco - weretaco
Aretè - NinjaFrizz
The Geek - Geek TWG
Six - SixkillerNYC
Recomatose - Recomatose88
Carl with a K - Karl with no C
Raijin Quickfoot - RAIJINQ
Dumb Hero - smarthero
Butters - xLordButters
Wise_a - Birdmania
neville - taernim
Strato - Pixillate
Drez - Drezdar
Saint Justice - Saint Justice
Predator - Thrillhizzle
Polago - Polago
Graves - Prof G
faricazy - FariCommie
Balefuego - Balefuego
B.C. - QuietMessiah
. - Plut Backwards
Kuribo's Shoe - Shoe Von Doom
Orestes - CtNinja
Wavechaser - wavechaser48
Hunter - Hunter1253
Evander - The Evander
Qorzm - Qorzm
Moriveth - Moriveth
Duo - Pirsqed
Metzger Meister - Ich Liebeb Hahn
thedude_frombaywatch - vloeza
BigDes - Beetlewings
PipTheFair - PipTheFair
satansfingers - satansfingers
FirstComradeStalin - CmrdeStalin
SporkAndrew - SporkAndrew
gazamc - Chuwero
bent - LoveWagon
Frog - kdc531
EclecticGroove - EclecticGroove
The Sneak - PA The Sneak
Vladimer - NMNFTU
Chad - Chaide
Frabba - Frabba
koshian - koshian
AHH! - Chris Andy
Filler - Freakadog
kovak - kovakistani
kevbot - t0p hat
Ani_b - Borglum
CrackedLens - ZombieKyle
Repox - Skycast
Theidar - Theidar
Mr. Henry Bemis - FlintlockHMD
JC of DI - JCofDI
The Otaku Inquisition - Chairman Miaow
Der Waffle Mous - Wakhon
cadmunky - cadmunky, and his girl - d3thmommy
arod_77 - arod 77
twispby - twispby
Rankenphile - Rankenphile
Frylock Holmes - Frylock HoImes
Ubik - DJSourMonkE
lessmore - Lessmore
rhylith - Amalockh
Beef Avenger - DethCopter
Strato - Pixillate
Tonkka - T0NKKA (that's a "0" not an "o")
Coldbrand - Coldbrand
Kantankeris - Tankhammer
Mully - Mulldacity
Bombardier - Bombardactyl
Simaril - Silmaril SE
NemyhLoveCraft - NemyhLoveCraft
DarkPrimus - PrimusD
Nikolai - Phoberomy
DongPuller - Makershot
Ramen Noodle - Ramenamen
Tossrock - Tossrock
One Thousand Dicks - CableCarrier
SnackAttack - Clumby T Whale
mastman - mastman
Pharezon - Pharezon
Bigtimes - Joeybaggadonut
blue powder - miaow zem
Captain K - CaptainFake
Javen - TheFlyingJaven
The Geebs That Is A Mod - thegeebs
GOJIRA! - Astraphobia
BoBaBrain - Patatronic
Loata - Kerune
saint2e - s41nt2e
Wetsun - Wetsun
amateurhour - Chuck Playa
tehcoolryan - Homer 4 Prez
Perrsun - Perrsun
Lol!/wiggin/shutupwiggin/nobodycareswiggin/whinybitchmcfuckbuckets - dkwiggin
The Far Side: The Near Middle
ZeroFill: strake001
yourclothes: sacksy
Pony: Mean Pony
Der Waffle Mous: Der Waffle Maus
Seta 3000: seta3000
Ness445: Ness Von Doom
Bad-Beat: Deano139
As7: Arsenic7
CrossBuster: Vogon Poety (not poetry)
Caulk Bite: Caulk Monger
Promethane: Bathtubb
Cogliostro: MageCogliostro
vsove: Hey, my gamer tag is in there as Ozymandyas, it's actually Ozymandyas
Veretas - Utterly Jewish
Mathilda - MrLeonheart
MistaCreepy - MistaCreepz
Sean Penn is A something something whatever - BRAIN ST0MP
lodwilk - Acriloc
StorminJoe - Joviet

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