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The cutest [chat] ever!

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Wicket and Willow, BFF!

I was at the pet store picking up some Timothy hay for Wicket, and made my way around the small animals section. There, sitting lonely in his glass box, was Willow. I fell in love immediately.

He seemed right at home sitting close to my heart. Often, while checking out at the pet store, he nuzzled into my chest. Unfortunately I hadn't notified my girlfriend of my hasty decision, butI knew she'd be alright with it. After all, how can a face like that not just melt you?

We decided to introduce Wicket to the newest member of our family.

There was some mutual... ignoring. The Kitchen table was chosen as a neutral space, an area Wicket hadn't ever been for a lengthy amount of time, and as such he felt no territorial claim to it.

Eventually, though, Wicket decided it was time to assert dominance. And assert he did. It was like he had a jackhammer in his ass. Quite assertive.

But, as Wicket is one for affection, there was some pillow talk, cuddling, and mutual cleaning.

The future is a bright one for these two fast friends! One that will surely be filled with casual gay sex and wild parties in their new three-level bungalow.

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