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The Comics News Thread - Thread Title Updated for DouglasDanger!

wwtMaskwwtMask Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Graphic Violence
Hey dudes, Geebs gave me the okay to start a general news thread. This is the thread to discuss the many news items that pop up concerning comics, many of which don't merit their own thread but are worth noting and talking about. We'll leave it up to your judgment as to what actually ought to be in its own thread, but I imagine most stuff in here will be stuff about talent coming onto books, new books, exclusivity deals, and the like. This should cut down on news getting posted in the Question thread and other non-related threads.

Anyway, I'll kick the thread off with this announcement, courtesy of Newsarama: Aaron Lopresti to pencil Wonder Woman. For anyone who has been reading Ms. Marvel the last couple years, this is really a no-brainer. Lopresti's got a talent for drawing hot chicks kicking ass, he's pretty good with technical drawings and expressions, and he's timely. Paired with a good writer, he's got the chops to do an extended run with consistently high quality. As sad as I was to see him leave Marvel, I'm glad he got this gig because it'll really play to his strengths. I may actually have to start reading Wonder Woman again.

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