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Is science badass? The data is positive.

DavoidDavoid Registered User regular
edited February 2008 in Singularity Engine++

Science is pretty badass.

The Large Hadron Collider? Badass.

Makin' pluripotent stem cells from adult skin cells? Badass.

Controlling a robot with your brain? Pretty wicked, son

I did some science a few weeks ago. It was kind of alright.

Who else thinks science is badass?

Or does it totally suck?

Sciencey Videos and Links that have been posted:

Physics/Time and Space:
FAQ wrote: »
Ah the double slit experiment, this guy seems to favour the copenhagen interpretation which i was taught (that the observer causes the collapse into one way for the electron to behave), what is now gaining popularity and i've only done a tiny but of reading on (and i think i prefer) is the many worlds interpretation which is basically that the electron does go through both slits but basically the universe (yes the whole universe) splits so that both events can occur in different universes, thus there are an infinite number of universes and whenever you do anything every other possible reality exists in a different universe.

I got some youtube videos because i'm such a nice guy

this is a nice little documentary which is presented by the theories originators son, who also happens to be E from the Eels

and here's a 2 minute little explanation from some chick who's doing a project for college for those of you who don't want to sit through an hour with E
Davoid wrote:

Kinetic wind engineering. This is truly badass.

Super Quantum Mario World
Remember the face of Mars?

BEHOLD! The asshole of Mercury!
PaPa wrote: »
How about relying on science to protect you from 50,000 volts?

watch until around 2:25
Davoid wrote: »

Fucking godamn homemade nuclear reactor
L|ama wrote: »

This stuff is super rad.

Radtastic, even. Wiki says you can get them as scars if you get hit by lightning, which would also be awesome.
bongi wrote: »
why would you build a robot to do something that gravity does so much better?
Davoid wrote: »
Also, imagining the 10th Dimension:
Davoid wrote: » Bill Nye lays the fucking smackdown on Astrology.
Veegeezee wrote: »
apparently there is such a thing as acoustic levitation

Hunter wrote: »
Davoid wrote: »
Davoid wrote: »
Davoid wrote: »

Davoid wrote: »
Zephyr wrote: »
watermark on synthetic life

yeah imagine writing 20 paragraphs of PENIS on artificial genomes

Zephyr wrote: »
they made a see through fish to help cancer research

which is both disgusting and awesome
Davoid wrote: »

talking about abiogenesis on the old Bill Nye the Science Guy show

Cloning, on Eyes of Nye

Bill Nye - Evolution
Davoid wrote: »

Fillin' an ant colony with cement, then excavating it.


later this year i am going on a mountain biking school trip, and this guy will be one of our teachers

i didn't know he was missing a leg until he told us, i just thought they brought in an awesome prosthetic leg that they designed
Davoid wrote: »

Time fountain; using flourescent dye and strobe lights to create the illusion of time manipulation
Cojo Mojo wrote: »
Does a a spider mech doing anything for ya?
Davoid wrote:
Anjin-San wrote: »
Ruckus wrote: »

The best science is the science of Robots destroying property.
Zephyr wrote: »
Waka Laka wrote: »
Davoid wrote: » not as cool as that awesome science food restaurant, but also a hi-tech sort of food affair place.
Zephyr wrote: »
science is pretty badass

did you guys see that new bionic arm

shit yeah bitch

it's like 17 degrees of freedom or some shit

that's like 3 less than of a normal arm
Veegeezee wrote: »
Davoid wrote: »
Waka Laka wrote: »
Optical Camouflage

Serious is this stuff real or BS?
Davoid wrote: »

Davoid on


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