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[Mini-phalla] Baldur's Phalla - Good and Viconia win!

BurnageBurnage Registered User regular
edited February 2008 in Critical Failures
In your youth, you lead a sheltered life in the walled stronghold that was Candlekeep. Tutored by your foster father Gorion – who took you in as a favour to your deceased mother, so he said – you learned the skills of your craft. That all changed when you were forced to flee, your father brutally murdered in front of your very eyes. With an ever-growing number of companions, you saved the city of Baldur’s Gate from the schemes of your half-brother, and learned your true heritage – the child of the dead god of murder, Bhaal.

But your trials did not end there, when you were captured by a crazed mage and subjected to torture. After escaping, you were forced to hunt him down when he kidnapped your sister – and then stole both of your souls. Showing your natural determination, you descended into hell itself to win back your rightful destiny and defeat him once and for all.

And now… now we come to the end time. Other children of Bhaal have brought destruction and war to the land, and you have once again been thrust into conflict against those who would wield your father’s legacy. Victorious against them, you must proceed into your father’s realm to stop the last high priestess of his cult, who wishes to become a goddess herself.

This is the final chapter of the Bhaalspawn saga.

What's this?

Phalla? What's that?

So what's the twist?

Player List
2: Oatway
3: Quoth - Day One
4: KrataLightblade - Day Three

5: B:L
6: Gumpy - Day Four
7: Maximus - Day Four
8: Hylianbunny - Day Two
9: Pseudolus - Day One
10: Corp. Shephard - Day Four
11: Mr. Defecation - Day Three
12: Obbi - Day Three
13: Aegis - Day Three
14: real_pochacco - Day Four
15: Look Out it's Sabs! - Day Four
16: FrostMist - Day Three
17: PsychoCucumber - Day Four
18: Plutonium - Day Two

19: Rainfall
20: Egos - Day Four

21: Durax
22: Delroland
23: TehSpectre
24: TheLawinator

Night 0 Narration.
Night 1 Narration.
Night 2 Narration.
Night 3 Narration.
Night 4 Narration.

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