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Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade! (WINNERS POSTED)

DMACDMAC Moderator mod
edited April 2008 in Graphic Violence
This was posted over at Project Rooftop and I thought people here might be interested. I'm going to try to put something together if I can find the time before the end of the month.
Fire up your repulsor rays, designers! Project: Rooftop is teaming up with Westfield Comics for a new drawing contest in honor of the upcoming Iron Man film starring Robert Downey Jr., and the new monthly series Invincible Iron Man by writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca. Starting today we are accepting entries for the Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade, with Westfield Comics providing the following prizes for the top redesigns!

Grand Prize (1) - The Hard Hero Iron Man statue, the Marvel Masterworks Iron Man Vol. 1 hardcover, and The Many Armors of Iron Man trade paperback.

Second Prize (2) - The Many Armors of Iron Man TPB and a $15 certificate to

Third Prize (3) - The Many Armors of Iron Man TPB

Additional Prizes - P:R and Wf may provide a few extra goodies for other shiny entries, if we see something that really knocks our socks off!

Joining the P:R Staff at the review roundtable to talk about the top entries will be Invincible Iron Man writer Matt Fraction and fan-favorite Iron Man artist and designer Adi Granov!

Send in your Iron Man redesigns to, with the subject line, “Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade!” Please include your full name, age, website, and mailing address for prize shipment. International winners may be responsible for prize shipment. All the usual P:R Guidelines apply!

All entries must be recieved by March 31st, 2008!

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