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Buy the '09 Toyota Matrix, you Furry fuck (Advertising Thread)

FutoreFutore Registered User regular
edited March 2008 in Singularity Engine++
so i go on myspace today. the front page's ad is one for the 2009 Toyota Matrix.

The shows a Matrix driving up next to 3 headshots of different people. next to those pictures, it says,
"Meet people looking for fun"

the headlights flash on and the pictures change to 3 new headshots: a woman i assume to be a raver/basshead, some metal head with a beard,

and person number 3 is a goddamned furry. all big-eyed and horny.

I laughed because furries have almost breached into mainstream and clicked the ad.

It took me to the car's website. Down and to the right of the car is a small box that stupidly rotates. On one side, it shows the head of the furry from before. When you roll over that side of the 3D box, the car whirls 180 degrees and opens the backhatch.

Out pops a dancing Fox(?) furry.

I laughed because i think furries are hilarious as are most sexual fetishes. I applauded the advertising team because they did get me to click to see if they had made a model specifically for furries. Maybe it had waterproof (read:cumproof) seats and floormats. Maybe it had a double lock for the trunk to hide all of your shame.

But, the point is that i looked at their car.

So, you guys see any ad campaigns you thought were exceptionally good?

(If you assholes post all the fucking budweiser ads, i'm going to dickslap you. those are not good ads. that is not a good beer.)

Futore on


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