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DSL/Internets/new build/grey hairs issues

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So I built my dear grandmother a new computer for her birthday, and everything is smooth as babyshit... except for the innermets. She's running a Verizon DSL connection, which is working fine except that her computer can't create a connection. Checking the Network Connections yields a 1394 Connection, but there's no Local Area Connection listed and I can't figure out how to create one--any of the network wizards that I've tried are no help.

I've gotten all of the available motherboard drivers from Gigabyte's website, and they installed without a hitch. However, the Device Manager still lists an "Other PCI Device" that's missing a driver. This could be the culprit, but without an internet connection I can't even search for it. I'm not sure what said PCI Device could be, either.

Right now I'm at a loss. I even tried running the Verizon setup disc in a lame attempt to just get the thing configured, but it hung on the modem test. What could I do to get this thing working?

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