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[Game On] Exteel: Free Giant Robots

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uh, just each other.


yeah, only more Asian.



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What is this, why are you showing it to me?
Because it is free and fun.
In my head it is like a persistent Counter Strike, the weapon purchases you've made carry over between matches, with a 3rd person perspective and boosting similar to Tribes.
You build your mechs and tweak them out how you want. You can be that big old base defending bastard with a cannon, HPtexas, and movement speed equal to that of a walrus. Or you could be low HP, super booster guy who spends 50% of the time in the air firing dual uzis at people, or pretty much whatever you want based on how you mix and match parts. It does have in-game advertising but it is just stuff on billboards, not at all annoying.

I was told this is an awesome trailer or something.

Game Modes
Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Territories, Capture the Flag, and Last Man Standing.
I've only played TDM and Territories (called something else in-game) but they are a blast. I especially like Territories, partly because when you cap a point it spawns AI guards. There is a lot of potential for tactics, especially if you are in a clan and know what rolls various people have specced their mechs out for. (hint, hint)

Game Play
It is fairly fast paced, not as fast as tribes but still a good kick of speed. The boosting feels right.
The skills you can get (more on that later) can only be activated by building up enough SP. You get SP from attacking enemies, and maybe healing allies...I haven't tried that yet.
Left click fires/swings your left weapon and right click your right one. You can over heat your weapons, which is nice, adds a bit more strategy. If you have a shield you can block with it by holding down the proper attack button, and actually if you are not actively blocking but someone fires at you from the side the shield can block that. I've seen a couple of healers running around with a healing gun in one hand and a shield in the other. :^:
The maps have wide open areas and cramped hallways mixed throughout. They seem well designed, so far, but I'm not sure how many there are. This is an ongoing project so stuff will be added.

Note: I resized this screenshot, it looks MUCH crispier at the native resolution I took it at (1680).

In true mech fashion you can buy items from a multitude of categories and then slap them on in any combination. You can also paint each individual part but only the main color of it, highlights on them can not be changed.
Categories include Head, Torso, Legs, Arms, Booster, Weapons, Skills, Other (mostly paint).

This is your starter mech, but I used the free paint to change it up a bit.

This is where the largest variety of items hang out. You can dual wield everything...except maybe shields, I haven't tried that. You also get two Weapon Sets when you go into battle so you can switch it up based on the situation. The weapon types have fairly varied gameplay. Currently I run around with a sword in one hand and a shotgun that shoots fireballs in the other for up close battle and a rifle with a chance to stun and a SMG in the other.
You can pick form Spears, Swords, Rocket Launchers, Cannons, Shotguns, Hand Guns, SMGs, Shields, Rifles, some gun like things that heal team mates, possibly something else I'm forgetting.

Oh, here's a cannon for ya.


As you play you get experience points that can be used to improve your pilot. Typical stuff, Accuracy, HP, SP, Energy, Radar (how far out your radar picks up enemies), I think some other stuff.
Also as you use weapons from the four categories (melee, SMG/Handguns?, Rifle, Cannon) you level up the use of those weapons. It just auto unlocks little bonuses, like a 5% dmg boost or 10% heat reduction, but its another hook to keep you playing.

These are special powers you can purchase. They are mostly special attacks played out in a true anime tradition. When activated you become invincible as the animation plays out and the camera goes all cinematic to track your wtfawesome, actually it even does it for the person who gets hit by it, at least for the melee ones. There are things like firing lasers from your wings, uppercutting a guy into the air and then shooting him, super jumping straight up while spinning in a circle firing bullets, pounding the ground with your rocket launcher for a PBAE explosion, but really all you need to know is this screenshot.


Wait, why did you put $ signs, you said this thing was free.
It is! I swear! But you have the option to buy NC Coin to purchase some in-game items. The vast majority of items are only purchasable via in-game currency that you earn through playing but there are a few that you can charge to your credit card. From what I can tell the purchasable stuff isn't any/much better than any of the other items but you can only get them buy paying for them. You can also purchase paint and skills this way, or use in-game currency, either works on those. NC Coin is $1 for every 100pts. A full mech (short of boosters and guns) costs $4.25 but you can buy parts individually as well, like $0.20 weapons. The prices, to me, seem reasonable and you really don't have to buy anything to be successful. I saw fully kited guys place last.

More info?
Exteel Wiki
Exteel Homepage

The bad.
The game is free so it can't all be good.
  • The actual in-game matches support widescreen but the hub (match selection, hangar, store, etc) does not. This isn't a big deal at all, just a little annoying. I imagine they'll eventually fix it.
  • In a move designed to keep you playing and not let you hoard money, or so I assume, skills and paint last 30 days after you purchase them. So you have to keep earning in-game cash. I can understand it for skills but for paint? Really?
  • The mini-map is accessed by hitting tab but it doesn't toggle it on, you have to hold it down. Just seems strange. The mini-map is also to mini for me to make much use of at 1680x1050. But, hey, at least is supports that resolution.
  • The tutorial sucks, clearly this isn't a western developed game. The plus side of it is you get a bunch of items and currency for completing the whole thing so do it.
Those are my only negatives, so far, and are really more nitpicking then anything.

System Requirements?
Yeah, you can run it.

Penny Arcade Clan?
YES! Well, no, not yet. I don't even know how to make one but I'll try and figure it out after work tonight.

Who's playing?
There is a friends list but I think people need to be online and in the same chat room to add each other.
I'm fairly sure I'm forgetting stuff, and by forgetting I mean I don't even know about it, so I'll probably end up updating.

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