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DONUTPAX - The Aftermath

JavenJaven Registered User regular
edited March 2008 in Singularity Engine++
For some this is still technically going on, so we're having another thread about it. I just got home in time for class in two hours, so I am doing a quick final thoughts:

1) I am a goddamn Brawl god

2) Neville is the best host (gay) ever, even if his fridge sounds like it runs off of burning coal and hatred

3) Arsenic's place is radsauce and he is an outstanding party host, even when there are far too many people crammed in the apartment.

4) Zonky has the best laugh ever. ever

5) Nap is an incredibly intelligent individual. Intimidatingly so. Motherfucker also loves donuts.

6) Portland is amazing and WaM is a goddess for putting me up for the first half of the week and putting up with me the second. Plays a mean uke, everyone should check out her myspace page. Pretty sure she just recently added some mean fallout boy tracks.

7) fucking brawl dudes

8) Though we were all uneasy and a little scared of Mr. D coming down the dude is rad as hell. Has some amazing stories.

9) Before this trip I didn't see myself liking Backwards Name. I am pleasantly surprised.

10) a452mchz.jpg

11) Never leave your wallet in your jacket

12) After using laptops and tiny computers for a week I am so glad to be in front of my 26 inch widescreen again. Let's never be apart again, my love

13) Never let Captain K talk. Ever. If you do the next thing you know it will be four hours later and you'll wonder where your pants are.

14) Inside jokes are always funny. There are zero exceptions to this rule.

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