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[Conjecture On] Only One Game

Oz K. FodrotskiOz K. Fodrotski Registered User regular
edited April 2008 in Games and Technology
Mods: Paging about, I didn't find anything quite similar to this thread in this forum. If it's not appropriate, just lock it and I'll see about putting it somewhere appropriate.

Here's the scenario; you can call it a desert island scenario, or solitary confinement, or you're the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust, whatever you prefer, but the root of it is this:

You get one video/computer game. Just one for the rest of your life. What game do you choose?

The rules; you get any one game, with any downloadable content or expansions available today. No other games, no internet connection. You have the necessary hardware to play the game, so any console, handheld, computer build or the like, and any required peripherals for said game are provided. Mods are, for the purposes of this exercise, not available (you could practically get unlimited playability from the original Half-Life, using 'em), but standalone expansions are okay.

MMOs, naturally, are right out.

So, pick your poison. It could be the game you view as the best, or the one with the most open-endedness, or even some guilty pleasure that you hide from the world under the auspices of seeming sophisticated.

Whatever the case. What's your game?

Oz K. Fodrotski on


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