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Social Entropy++: Awesome Post by Gabriel, in New Comic - March 3rd 2008

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Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: New Comic - March 3rd 2008
Posted by: Gabriel

Original Content:
You have bad taste. My taste is rad. You are wrong about my taste.

Defender wrote: »
Sometimes Gabe & Tycho display amazingly bad taste.

For example, I can't imagine how Assassin's Creed could possibly be MORE fun (by which I mean less boring) if you play through slowly. Like, the whole problem with the game is that the things you do are really repetitive and grind-y, because there's very little variety and you have to do non-assassination-related stuff for a lot of the game. And also the combat blows because you have basically one move. So it seems like the best way to play that is to rush through and see the story events and cutscenes and crap, so that you spend a higher percentage of time doing cool shit, and a lower percentage grinding. Gabe for some reason felt that the game improved as you did less cool shit, and spent more time doing boring crap like fighting guards. (Admittedly, fighting guards would've been fun if the combat system had more than one useful move.)

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