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Games and Technology: Awesome Post by RCagent, in [Game On] Team Fortress 2: I've posted in water bu

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Quickly made, and thoroughly mocking, comics for the win.
Forum: Games and Technology
Post: [Game On] Team Fortress 2: I've posted in water buffalos more tougher than you!
Posted by: RCagent

Original Content:
Lunysgwen wrote: »
You people are fucking pathetic. I can't believe that you all pissed yourselves when Marty and I started tandem ubering a few days ago, because its already incredibly hard to pull off now. Whine about no counters, whine about it being overpowered. Its not, you got hit with a tactic to didn't adapt to yet, and got beaten by it, adapt and don't fill up this thread with your useless tears.

I guess that hurts your ego's or something? Grow some balls, every single one of you.
Centipeed wrote: »
So please remember to advance the cart. It's not deathmatch.

You realize that you are talking to PA right?

Holy fuck Butterfly-man. Way to sound like a TOTAL ass and complete dick-wad. Calm down for five seconds.
Man, I havent heard the bitching about it anywhere near the level that you two talk about it. For someone who is tired of the whining you sure do bring it up every 5 seconds. It wasent even all that cool or special enough to be cheap. Just shut the fuck up already.

I even recall our team being quiet about it (in public chat) WHILE you were doing it.

Your drugs, I must have them.


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