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PAX 2008 Button Exchange! Updated OP 8/9

redhaloredhalo Registered User
edited August 2008 in PAX Archive
For those new to this thread, if you haven't ordered your buttons yet, then you most likely not recieve them in time for PAX. Sorry, try again next year, we'll still be friends. Also, the cuttoff for adding your buttons to the upcoming official checkoff list will be 8/10/08. Please get on it before then.

The concept:

Alright, here's the idea guys. We need a form of identification for forumers at PAX. As Moe has suggested, custom made buttons with our name/avatar or whatever would be a great option, but to extend this idea and make it more Penny Arcade-ish I suggest that each get a bunch of buttons and trade one for one when we meet each other. Thus making it a game of "gotta catch them all".


Frequently asked questions:

Q. How will I know if I've gotten all the buttons?
There will be a document made containing all the artwork and forum names so you know who you're trading with, and who you have left.

Q. Cool! How do I get my stuff on it?
Easy, fill this form out. Include either the original artwork or a picture of the finished button (I suggest original artwork only, because we can crop it down, but this is up to whoever will be doing the printable checklist. Please let me know, and I'll change it!).

Q. I don't see my name/pic in the OP list. Oh noes, what do I do!
If you think you've been overlooked then send a PM to redhalo. He's slow to update and smells funny, but he will get you added.

Q. How do I get a button? What are these "bonus buttons"?
The buttons fall in to two categories, the avatar or "main" buttons, and the "bonus" variety. While there are no set rules for trading them, these general guidelines are encouraged:
- Avatar buttons should be traded for other Avatar buttons, with no challenges or criteria expected to be fulfilled other than you are both Buttoneers.
- Bonus buttons may (or may not!) have special criteria for receiving them, and may go to people outside the button game who fulfill the criteria. This could be a challenge ("What is the flightspeed of an unladen swallow?"), a requirement ("You must be a member of the CEOs of America Club"), or one may just ask for one (remember to say "Please").

Q. I want to make people stand on their head, nude, while singing "Yankee Doodle" to receive my buttons! Can't I do that?
It is perfectly within your rights, but don't expect many people to trade their buttons back with you.

Q. I want to make sure I get EVERY SINGLE BUTTON I can, will there be a Buttoneer meetup?
YES. We plan to meet immediately following the closing of PAX in the Sheraton Hotel's Lobby. We'll be easy to find, there's gonna be a lot of buttons around. We can finish off our trade lists, and say our goodbyes.

Q. You said this is a game! How do we know who won?
Everyone is a winner! Especially you! You're so special, you know that?

Q. I heard about some secret button project that would be for...
HUSH! That is not to be spoken of here. See BigRed at the start of PAX (he'll be near/in the BYOC area) and he'll take care of you. Bring your buttons. Please do give him time to check all of the BYOCers in before you storm his location.

Q. Will I be able to fly with my buttons. Are they considered instrument of death?
Strife23 wrote: »
I finally stopped by the airport here and talked to the TSA. 1' -1.5' buttons are not classified as an instrument of death even if you have a 100, and can be carried on or checked (they did say that depending on the TSA Agent you may be asked [forced at gun point] to check the buttons).
But remember this only applies to people whose flight originates in the US. If you are flying into the US with buttons make sure you check with your TSA equivalent before bringing them on a plane. The TSA people here also highly suggested that you check with US Customs (contact via your local embassy) before you try and bring them into the country (they indicated that the problem isn't with the button it's with what you could be hiding in the button).

Recap: If you’re in the US you can fly w/ buttons, if you’re not your probably better off mailing.

Participants to look out for:

I will add button pics as people post them. After, and only after, you've ordered your buttons go here to add yourself to the upcoming printable check off list.

Invested players! [64]
Have design, buttons are in the future. [68]
All talk. [23]

Bonus round buttons:

These buttons are extra buttons that represent a shared interest, community or blatant site whoring. There may be special prerequisites to getting these.

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