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Games and Technology: Awesome Post by Davoid, in Thought-driven game controller

Cynic JesterCynic Jester Registered User regular
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Australian company planning to release EEG driven game controller

I'm not actually sure how well this is going to work and it's a little steep in price but the concept certainly sounds pretty damn neat (and because I tend to blow money on novelty if it's at all positive I'll probably end up getting one).

The basic idea is that the system functions somewhat like an EEG machine in that it measures electrical potentials across your head like an EEG does, and can then be calibrated to execute certain commands based on those. I'm skeptical how well this could work in practice, but in theory I can imagine some decent uses - it's all going to depend I guess on how hard you have to "think" in order to set if off, and how easy it is to set it off unintentionally.

Still - the obvious thing I'd like to do is hook it up to a Mechwarrior game and try playing with my own neuro-helmet.
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Post: Thought-driven game controller
Posted by: Davoid

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I hope it has rumble!

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