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Gods and Mortals [Phalla] - Game Over: Village Victory!

LaOsLaOs Registered User regular
edited June 2008 in Debate and/or Discourse
Gods and Mortals Phalla

The Gods have chosen their pieces and the mortals have been informed, but will the combined power of the younger Gods be able to hold back the influence of the dak Twins? The game is set, but who will make the first move? Day 1 begins...

The Pantheon:
- Elsaan, the Snake - A dark god, twin to Artol.
- Artol, the Raven - A dark god, twin to Elsaan.
- Mewin, the Owl - A wise god, all-knowing and sad.
- Hin, the Smith - The strongest god.
- Luko, the Monkey - A trickster god, intrigued by humans.
- Gunto, the Fox - A greedy god, shunned by the other gods.
- Syl, the West Wind - A quiet, forgotten god.
- Uil, the Rising Sun - The light god, holiest of the gods.

This is a Phalla. If you are not sure what that is, check this or ask.

Please vote in Red and retract in Lime. Retractions are not necessary (as in, if you make two votes, your latest vote counts), but they are handy and helpful, so I would recommend them.

If you have any public clarification requests, please post them in Orange.

The standard rules apply, including the ban on anonymous contact (so if the person you are talking to does not know it is you, you are breaking this rule) and the ban on screenshots/forwarding PMs to players. You may, of course, paraphrase as you will. Also, there is to be no communication with/amongst the dead until after the game is over.

Activity is highly recommended and greatly encouraged. There are no hard and fast rules for judging inactivity (it's up to me), but please make an effort. If you do not think you will be able to commit the proper amount of time to this game, please let me know and bow out graciously. There is one Reserve at the moment (I am always happy to have more), but even if there isn't, don't drag down the game for anyone else by staying in if you cannot play. You'll be thanked for dropping out rather than hated for being inactive.

All actions and clarification requests should be PM'd to LaOs.

Each night will close at roughly 11pm EST, however, the official Vote Closed is the signal that the night has ended. I do not forsee being late, but there may be five minutes here or there. Either way, all votes for each night are valid until the official Vote Closed notice. This goes for action as well.

1. LewiePs Mummy - killed Night 7
2. mtvcdm - killed Night 1
3. bwanie - Villager - Survived
4. visiblehowl - killed Night 5
5. werehippy - killed Night 8
6. Maximus - killed Night 1
7. Kilroy - Villager - Survived
8. Gumpy - killed Night 8
9. Elki - killed Night 5
10. El Skid - killed Night 7
11. Variable - killed Night 7
12. chamberlain - killed Night 3
13. Aldo - killed Night 3
14. evilbob - killed Night 4
15. Richy - killed Night 5
16. enlightenedbum - killed Night 2
17. Frosteey - killed Night 2
18. Ultarune - killed Night 4
19. durax - killed Night 6
20. Somestickguy - killed Night 6
21. Satan. - killed Night 3
22. Varcayn - killed Night 7
23. Shamus - killed Night 3
24. SpeedySwaf - killed Night 8
25. James - killed Night 9
26. JPants - Villager - Survived
27. Stew_Stick - killed Night 6
28. Greeper - killed Night 1
29. Daedalus - killed Night 9
30. DasUberEdward - killed Night 4
31. Malkor - killed Night 9
32. TehSpectre - killed Night 4
33. Red Bird - killed Night 5
34. gundam470 - killed Night 5
35. Thetheroo - Villager - Survived
36. FunkyWaltDogg - killed Night 6
37. Fuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud - killed Night 2
38. Medopine - killed Night 3
39. One Thousand Dicks - killed Night 2
40. Hilger - killed Night 6

**FunkyWaltDogg (#36) replaced TheLawinator on Day 4.
**bwanie (#3) replaced Toxic Toys on Day 5.
**JPants (#26) replaced duallain on Day 5.

LaOs wrote: »
GM Files:

Master Spreadsheet, Original game notes, and the collected Writings (Role PMs, Item PMs, and Narrations): HERE.

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