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A tale of pods and casts, eternally retold: Gaming podcasts

Fatty McBeardoFatty McBeardo Registered User regular
edited June 2008 in Games and Technology
Simply put, what gaming podcasts do you listen to, do you find them to be informative, humorous, or both? What about them do you like/dislike, and what do you wish there were more of?

I've only started listening to gaming podcasts within the past few months, and now they're something I look forward to quite a bit. So here are the ones I've been enjoying, and why.

Downloadable Content - Being that this is PA, I wanted to mention their podcast first. It's not a conventional gaming podcast, but it often acts as one through the opinions voiced by G&T on various games and topics as they create their comic.

1UP Yours - Not much to say other than it's usually very good, though Garnett Lee and Shane Bettenhausen can be overbearing at times.

GFW Radio - Probably my favorite regular podcast.

Giant Bombcast - Hate the name, but it's still a pretty good show. I like Jeff Gerstmann a lot, particularly after the whole Kane and Lynch debacle.

Legendary Thread - 1up's MMO podcast. It's kind of thin on info, but it can be funny.

The Instance - Probably the leading WoW podcast. I listen on and off. I think it's over-produced, the host is too heavy on the sound effects. They regularly have Curt Schilling as a guest host, and he's a pretty serious WoW player who is currently putting together his own MMO with a studio he launched.

World of Warcast - Another WoW podcast. What's interesting about this one is that the host "Starman" is pretty bad. He's flat and kind of whiny. But his co-host "Renata" brings a crazy amount of technical information to the table. They did an entire podcast dedicated to the Reputation system, for example. The detail and thoroughness of it was amazing. If you farm rep in WoW, that guide will come in pretty handy.

The 1UP Show - Video podcast, mostly improvised dialogue that's shot "candidly" as if the hosts were just talking to each other in random locations, without a camera present. It's pretty short, but it's often very good. It's a big download but I think it's worth it.

Joystiq - More often than not it's good, though I usually don't listen to the whole episode.

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