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How can COLD logic keep you *warm* at night. That doesn't even make sense.

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This may sound weird, but as a Star Wars fan I'm starting to feel guilty about liking the Prequel movies. Everyone is always going on about how George has lost his touch and how he's sullied the original trilogy with the newer films, but I simply found several things in them that were enjoyable. No, scratch that, I thought they were really actually pretty damn good besides the obvious flaws. Maybe things have changed over the last few years, but I really felt ostracized from the SW fandom because of my feelings towards these movies. Well, not just that. Also my views on how the SW franchise is only great because of the EU. That really seems to piss people off.

On a slighty unrelated topic, I've hated every generation of Pokemon since the first. They really did seem to run out of all their the cool/somewhat unique designs on the original Gameboy, and now the Pokemon don't even have themes anymore. They're just weird looking unidentifiable plant things or stupid-ass robots whose colors depend solely on their element, and really have very little personality. The thing is, I am honestly more upset about this that I reasonably should be, but when I hear people get excited over the new "Pokeman game" it pisses me off because everything after 151 looks like shit.

It really seems weird that they killed Chewbacca

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