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[MiniPhalla] Super Robot Mini, Game Over, Minor Good victory

GumpyGumpy There is alwaysa greater powerRegistered User regular
edited June 2008 in Critical Failures
This is a miniphalla

Don't know what Phalla is? Check the link.

Super Robot Mini

Far beyond space and time, where the many dimensions of the universe meet, lies a planet. It's a nice planet, with water and plants and things, but we do not care about that.

It is a planet which previously was not inhabited by intelligent life. Due to its unique location (Beyond space and time.) the United Phallan Society set up a military base to help guard earth from any invasion from beyond the universe. This base is called Terminal Phalla.

And currently, its long range sensors are picking up a number of unknown dimensional anomalies just under a days travel away. Since this is Phalla, unknown must mean evil. An invasion is underway! Terminal Phalla must not be destroyed! But thanks to the defense budget being diverted to fund a vast number of day one bandwagons on Zot and supply MrBlarny with yet more spreadsheet paper, the Terminal Phalla defense force is made up of a couple of tanks and a single battleship.

And 26 Plucky Super Robot Pilots

The game will be played up in a 6 zone map. Imagine it as a triangle, with terminal Phalla at the point and the outer areas at the base (1 Zone, 2 Zone and then three zones in three layers.)

You are all super Robot Pilots. That means that you can all handle yourselves in a fight. You want a few more details before you sign up and launch? Read the handout


You may make both a green and a red vote everyday. Everyday, details of the current invasion forces will be posted in the narration and the OP. If something is listed in the OP, It can be targetted. By everything that can target a player.

This is a HP based game.

It is one large group of good guys versus a smaller connected group of bads. Faction based game this isn't.
Activity is encouraged, deaths will occur if you do not make at least two posts a day. Vote closes at 21:00 GMT (9 PM).

No sharing or quoting of PMs with the host.

This Miniphalla will last a total of 6 days.

Sign up in Lime, if your Sign up involves you being extra manly or super or heroic in some way all the better.

List of our current heroes

1: Stew_Stick
2: Jpants
3: Edcrab
4: Greeper
5: eecc
6: Malkor
7: Lignisse
8: TheLawinator
9: Elskid
10: Durax
11: Rainfall
12: JohnHam
13: Toxic Toys
14: B:L
15: Obbi
16: Tyler
17: Wildcat
18: Egos
19: Bwanie
20: IamtheAznman
21: MinamiHideo
22: cj iwakura
23: Clawshrimpy
24: Mr D
25: Freeagent
26: Seriously
27: Zot


1: Fembot
2: Exarch

Game will start at 9PM the day everyone is signed up.
Clarifications may be made in Some form of orange
This game will be different from what you've played before (Unless you have played Phallout its kinda like that but with evils and nowhere near the detail I don't want to die)

There are also no vanillagers, if you signup for a game run by me you should all have a fun time god damn

If Zot signs up I dare you all to bandwagon him day one.
I dare you.

Some clarifications
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6


2 Shielded and 4 Minor Grunts have moved from Outer ground into Base airspace, 3 Evasive Grunts have also appeared in base airspace.

Outerground is reinforced with 4 Minor grunts.

Mr B made us a wonderful map (day 1)
MrBlarney wrote: »
Maps are in place. Yellow and orange-tinted pilots have been significantly damaged.


Day 2 Day 1 Day 0

Gumpy on


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