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Internet Explorer 7 has decided to make it less clear when RSS feeds are updated

PeewiPeewi Registered User regular
I'm using IE7 to browse the webs and subscribe to RSS feeds, but unfortunately it seems that it has decided to make it less clear when RSS feeds are subscribed.
There used to be a small star at the RSS icon in the favorites center whenever a feed had received an update and show the name of the feed and the feed's folder in bold, whereas now the only the name of the feed itself is in bold and it is impossible to see if there's updates to any feeds without opening all the folders.

This happened after installing an update to IE7 earlier today, so naturally I tried deleting the update, but that didn't help. I've also tried to do a system restore to yesterday, where I know that it worked, but that didn't change it back either.

I've looked through the various options in IE7, but haven't found anything that could be related to this.

I'm running XP Home SP2, if it makes any difference and it would be great if anyone can help with this in any way.

EDIT: Great. Now it won't even bold the name of the feed.

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