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Guys I am going to become a merman now, okay.

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I'm from Iowa, and Iowa, being in the center of the United States, doesn't get any cool natural disasters like earthquakes or volcanos, right?


Well no, okay, you're right. We do get natural disasters, but they aren't cool.

We've been getting hells of rain these past weeks, and it just won't fucking stop. Maybe you remember hearing about "The Great Flood of '93" on the news back in 1993, but this shit makes that look like a fucking kiddy pool.

This is what downtown is supposed to look like:


And this is what it looks like as of earlier today.


I'm just going to fill up the bathtub now and stay in it so when the water gets to me I'll have gills and shit already. Please give me advice on how to carry on with life after I've become an abomination that is neither fish nor man.

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