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Time to pay the price

Skull ManSkull Man Registered User regular
edited July 2008 in Singularity Engine++
when I was in tenth grade at prom this one dude paid the DJ thirty bucks to put on a ska song and he started skanking around

but no one joined in and everyone started booing because the song sucked and he started doing it faster and faster, like out of a sense of duty now, defending his music and his dance

he ends up getting a little too into it and falls

the crowd cheers, but he's screaming, turns out he broke his ankle

he's writhing around, tie undone, shirt hanging out, occasional flashes of his lily-white belly as he contorts in pain, and the general mood of the crowd is "the asshole deserved it"

he had to go to the hospital right away, couldn't go to any of the afterparties and his date ended up fucking someone else

moral of the story: skanking is always terrible

how about you guys

have you ever seen something terrible happen to someone who point-blank had it coming

also we can talk about Home Movies

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