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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "Australia is retarded babies.", by Shorty

JansonJanson Registered User regular
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Shorty's dad's awesomeness speaks for itself, really.
Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: Australia is retarded babies.
Posted by: Shorty

Original Content:
Moriveth wrote: »
Shorty wrote: »
Moriveth wrote: »
what if you were at a party and everyone else was having one

what if everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you follow them then

w-what if they were skydiving and having abortions as part of a new extreme sport



Imagine the possibilities for a Wii game

waggle the remote to correctly poke the coathanger while using the nunchuck to guide yourself into the proper landing zone!

Yes. Bonus points for a tight splatter pattern.

This reminds me of a conversation with my father:

Years ago, my computer was kept under a very large desk. It was so large, that the cables were basically impossible to reach without either the aid of a special tool, or moving the entire desk. It was a heavy bitch, so the latter option was out. I fashioned a grabbing device out of a coathanger, and one day, as I was carrying the contraption downstairs, my dad stops me.

Dad: Hey. What have I told you about coathanger abortions?
Me: ...put down newspaper?
Dad: That's m'boy.

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