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Unsolicited Emails From Myspace-Phish?

LavaKnightLavaKnight Registered User regular
edited July 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
In the last two days I've received several emails from myspace, however, I don't have an account there and haven't ever tried to set one up.

The first message was confirming my account with my email address (the one the confirmation was sent to) and supposed password. The password is pretty generic looking. The second was an email saying I had a new message from Tom, and the third and fourth came seven minutes apart and read:
Hi (name),

Thanks for verifying your email address.

To complete the process, click the link below:

It's possible that a friend signed me up without knowing, but I haven't talked with anyone that said they had. Is this a phishing attempt? Has anyone heard of anything like this?

Thanks for the help.

LavaKnight on


  • DeShadowCDeShadowC Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    Possibly a phishing address. The link it gives you is it an actual myspace link? or is it whatever.myspace.something.com

  • LavaKnightLavaKnight Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    It's a http://collect.myspace.com/gobblydegook, where the gobblydegook is a bunch of letters and numbers.

    It doesn't seem like a real myspace page, but I have no experience seeing what they look like, nor what their verification addresses look like.

    Edit: Oh, and the address where it came from is pretty weird too. It's a bunch of random letters and numbers followed by @message.myspace.com

  • RainbulimicRainbulimic Registered User
    edited July 2008
    That's not MySpace.

    Myspace spam is common to be honest.
    I get hundreds in my Hotmail account and I don't have a Myspace registed at that address.

    Just mark as Spam and ignore it. Any mail from Myspace will come and link directly to www.Myspace.com

  • LavaKnightLavaKnight Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    Alright, thanks a lot for the info! Spam it is and forever will be.

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