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[Geometry Wars] 2D shape VS. 2D shapes is now 2D shape VS. 3D shapes!

doublehawk00doublehawk00 Registered User
edited August 2008 in Singularity Engine++
shit hot trailer

that one arcade shooter for the 360 that totally rocked now has a sequel! why should you buy this?

* 6 modes of play!
* 4 player multiplayer, competitive or cooperative (4 ships or you can have two guys controlling one ship!)
* achievements that are not as hard as the first game's but still nerve wracking and crazy!
* high scores! this just in, moriveth needs to step up his game.
* new enemies for you to hate!
* also its prettier than the first one

so if you have it, post your gamertag so we can play some multiplay! or so that you can add others in the thread and watch your "awesome high score" get crushed

doublehawk00 on


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