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Giving something back to the PA forumites

kropotkinkropotkin MrLondon UKRegistered User regular
edited September 2008 in PAX Archive
As a relative newcomer to these forums I've been pleasantly surprised how generally welcoming it is. If anything it was the major contributor in me helping VThornheart out in his quest to attend PAX this year by working on his video entry for Bioware's Minion competition.

In recognition of this I have decided to make a badge that can be hung from the PAX pass you'll be getting at the event. I've already made one for the people that are coming to the event from foreign climes and seeing the reaction that has got from those that do reside in the US and not wanting to have them feel left out I am now working on a similar badge for them also.

The pics of what I have created thus far can be seen by clicking on the spoiler buttons below:



Anyone who frequents these forums is eligable to get one of these badges. I will however have a limited supply of them so they will be handed out on a first come - first serve basis.

Thoughts and suggestions for improving what I have so far come up with would be appreciated.

kropotkin on


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