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D&D + PAX + Booze + Biden = Dragonfish, 10pm two nights ago!

Premier kakosPremier kakos Registered User, ClubPA regular
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Thanatos Edit: We're all meeting at Dragonfish for happy hour at 10:00PM tonight!

So, I am under the impression that there are a number of us who are going to PAX. Thus, I propose that we get together and drink ourselves silly.

Who would be up for such a momentous gathering of conceited assholes in one place with alcohol? Also, when works for you guys? My personal thought is Thursday evening since a lot of people are arriving Thursday. We can get completely fucked up in the evening and we have until 2:00 PM to sober up for the beginning of PAX!

For those of you wanting to go and wanting a list of things you need to prepare, you should bring: a liver, money for booze, money for bail, a physical body aged 21 years or more. Unfortunately, for the underagers in D&D, this party is not for you. This is for grown-ups. If you wanted to hang out with us, you should have prepared better and been born sooner.

List of Attendees:
Definitely Attending:
Premier kakos

Possibly Attending:

Everyone else

Please indicate your status with the following key:
!definitely attending

!possibly attending

!not attending

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