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Burnout Paradise: Let's race the fuck outta this city

MorivethMoriveth Nobody suspects a thing...Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Singularity Engine++
So I was thinking, folks, we should all get together on Xbox Live (or PSN if you're into that kinda thing) and play some Burnout Paradise.

It's a rad damn game that's pretty fun and probably equally frustrating. Plus, they just released a free update to the game that adds a lot of cool stuff, including brand new multiplayer modes! And apparently next month or so they're adding motorcycles, and eventually even an entirely new island with more shit to do.

So come on, let's race some cars.

I'll make a list of XBL names and PSN IDs if people PM them to me.

XBL (username - tag):

Klyka - Klyka
Moriveth - Moriveth
seizureorbs - sezureorbs
Bogey - Bogestrom
Areté - ninjafrizz
Burning Organ - Umhyguy
Stale - EA stalegb
epburn - tack UT
grath - grath01
Captain Cthulhu - Seven de Luxe
World As Myth - World as Myth
Spono - Spono Wolf
Meta T. Dust - Metadust
Framling - Framlingading
Mysst - Mysst

Moriveth on


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