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Attention Fat People

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Fat advocates say Ohio anti-obesity ads demean children
CINCINNATI (AP) - A national advocacy group says anti-obesity billboards in the Cincinnati area are demeaning to overweight children and should be taken down. A new campaign from the local Center for Closing the Health Gap features outdoor ads that show heavy children pigging out on burgers and fried foods beneath the question, "Are we feeding our kids to death?"
The California-based National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance says the billboards must go because they unfairly subject fat children to ridicule from others, instead of inspiring them to eat healthier foods.
But the head of the anti-obesity group says the billboards are staying. He says they're meant as a wake-up call for families with overweight children.
Are obese children getting their feelings hurt? Good. Stop stuffing your face with cheeseburgers and run around you lazy sacks of shit.

Fuck you. You aren't a protected class. You're fucking fat. Lose some weight. You're going to get diabetes and have heart problems. Because you're fucking fat.

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