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Roommate + GFs Parents + My Apartment = Right Now

Buddy LeeBuddy Lee Registered User
edited August 2008 in Singularity Engine++
SE++, my roommate cooked dinner for his girlfriend and her parents. They're over in my apartment right now. He made them some disgusting looking chicken-in-spaghetti-sauce stuff and served it over spaghetti. It looks like high school cafeteria spaghetti sauce.

He didn't even give me a heads up. I want to watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann or something. Damn it.

I keep thinking of things that I can do to just make it awkward... SE++, what kind of silly situations can you think of to make this situation awesomely awkward?

Haha, he doesn't have any salt or pepper. Or Parmesan cheese.

Buddy Lee on
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