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R.I.P. Bill Gwatney

HallowedFaithHallowedFaith Registered User regular
edited August 2008 in Singularity Engine++
Born William Gwatney on August 26th, 1959.

Today, August 13th, Gwatney was shot three times by Timothy Dale Johnson in Little Rock, Arkansas. A State Senator for roughly 10 years, he was State Chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas when he was murdered.

Regardless of political parties, it is a sad sad day to see someone who makes an effort to change our great country for better murdered in cold blood by a raving lunatic who was just pissed off he lost his job at Target.

Prayers and best wishes to his wife and children as I can only imagine the suffering they are going through this evening.

August 26, 1959 – August 13, 2008

HallowedFaith on
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