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PHALLA:Strangers with Candy - Game Over / Retards win. LETS ALL EAT CAKE. DURRRRRRRRR

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Hi. I'm Jerri Blank.
32 years ago I dropped out of highschool and ran away from home.
Oh, I made a lot of friends, did a lot of time.
I was a boozer, a user, and a loser.
I STOLE THE TV; did some more time.

But now I'm back in school, and though the faces may have changed, the hassles are just the same.


Game Information:

No prior expertise in Phalla is required.
No knowledge of Strangers with Candy is required, although hulu & Comedy Central's websites have lots of clips; watching them might help you understand some of the characters.

Please do not sign up if you cannot participate from August 14 until the 21st (approximately, may go a little shorter or longer.)

Class is now in session.

1. You must vote for someone to be sent to Detention every day (this basically means removed from gameplay), unless you are not allowed to vote. But most likely, you must vote. So, you know. Vote. !vote Neville or !retract Neville

2. You must all elect a Student Council. The Student Council's purpose is to help ensure things go smoothly. Of course, your school faculty does not trust all (read: any) of you, so they may try to infiltrate this. The Student Council results will be announced during the first narration (after Day 1)

The Student Council will receive special abilities to help you, so choose your representatives wisely.
You may !elect one person. The person with the highest votes becomes President, 2nd Vice-President, 3rd is Secretary, and 4th most is some Jerk. In the event of a tie, I will do what I want and probably run over you with my car. Mr Jellineck will be in charge of this part.

3. Some of you may have special rules, which may seem "weird" or "restrictive" or "my daddy said I don't have to let anyone touch me there." Well that's too bad. You're at Flatpoint High and things work a little differently here. Feel free to ask any questions in a PM, if they concern your role.

4. This is a FACTION GAME. This means there are multiple win conditions and multiple groups trying to win. This isn't a huge game, so some factions are smallish. Do NOT sit around and do nothing; play the game or bow out if you're a pussy or lazy ass Indian. Don't make me remove you. You must post at LEAST 2 posts a day. Content is inconsequential, but you must do this and you MUST vote unless you have been told otherwise by me.

5. Ask for !clarification for any points. I reserve the right to not answer them.

Voting/special abilities are due by 8 pm PST / 11 pm EST every day.

Addendum to the Rules:
Bogey wrote:
- Making more than the customary (1) goodbye post in the game thread after you are killed is against the Rules of the game.

- Dead players are not allowed to talk about the game or any of the mechanics in any of the threads in the forum.

- Non-players are not allowed to post in any of the game threads.

Failure to comply will result in a tempban by me.

Player list:
1. [strike]Cold Salmon and Hatred[/strike] (normal student) - Sent to detention by the Student Body
2. Monkeyfeet
3. Obbi
4. Bogey
[strike]5. Snowbeat -[/strike] normal student - Reported to the school board by Sara Blank
6. Marshmallow
7. One Thousand Dicks
8. tehcoolryan
9. [strike]Shankusu (Shankill) - [/strike]Cassie Pines (FACULTY)
10. Redeemer
11. [strike]Fiz[/strike] (normal student) - sent to detention by the Student Body
12. Grath
13. naporeon
14. Dee Kae
15. doublehawk00
16. Infidel
17. Canada_jezus
18. [strike]Shankusu (Kusugattai) - [/strike] normal student - Sent to detention by the Student Body
19. Daric
20. That Dave Fella (remote signup via cellular text notification methodology)
21. Slacker71
22. cj iwakura
23. Raneados
24. TheLawinator
25. bongi
26. kuhlmeye
27. Theidar
28. lostwords
29. Soup
30. Ramen Noodle
31. Critical
32. mrpaku
33. [strike]Munkus Beaver[/strike] (Converted Retard) - ground into meat by Stew
34. [strike]KingMole[/strike] - Given terrible advice by Geoffrey Jellineck
35. Qorzm
36. JohnHam
37. [strike]Lol![/strike] - normal student - Sent to detention by the Student Body
38. scarlet st.
39. Straightzi
40. Anjin-San
41. Sara Lynn
42. Riggs Blitzkrieg
43. Belruel
44. Repox
45. Centipede Damascus
46. Koshian
47. Endomatic
48. Shorn Scrotum Man
49. Green
50. zimfan
51. Ultarune
52. CrackedLens
53. Druhim

1. Akimbolegs
2. LightRider
3. SomeStickGuy

This game (and thread) have been approved by the Sonic Avenger, bogey.

Here are some BASIC gameplay rules (these are the wiki concepts)[/QUOTE]

Student Council:

President - Koshian
Vice-President - doublehawk00
Secretary - tehcoolryan
Some Jerk #4 - mrpaku

Narration Links:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8 - Final

neville on


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