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[Wii Shop] Super Star Wars, NyxQuest, Rock N' Roll Climber, Brain Age Express



  • Brainiac 8Brainiac 8 Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    I need impressions on NyxQuest.


    Nintendo life did a great review on it...it sounds great.

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  • maximumzeromaximumzero I...wait, what? New Orleans, LARegistered User regular
    edited August 2009
    Working on a bangup OP as we spea...er, type.

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  • maximumzeromaximumzero I...wait, what? New Orleans, LARegistered User regular
    edited August 2009
  • SaddlerSaddler Registered User
    edited August 2009
    Brainiac 8 wrote: »
    I was actually playing Super Empire Strikes Back on my SNES last night. I loved them, although the difficulty was cheap beyond words..but they were fun as heck.

    I'll give you Super Empire, but the difficulty in Super Star Wars is much more manageable than its sequels. All of them are amazing, but I wouldn't play Empire or Jedi without cheating. Difficulty should not dissuade anyone from buying Super Star Wars. Except pussies.

    But anyway, Super Star Wars is a beautiful game, with some of the best graphics and sounds on the SNES, and some of the best action platforming as well.

    Everytime I see the name "NyxQuest" I think it says "NyQuill"

    I always think "ChexQuest." I'm almost expecting to see something called Nyx in the snack aisle at the grocery.

    I haven't played Lost Winds or NyxQuest, but from what I gather NyxQuest is a longer game, whereas Lost Winds is a little on the short side.

  • MugenmidgetMugenmidget Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    They need to make a new Pod Racing game so fucking bad. It probably wouldn't sell very well, but I can always dream.
    Yea trying to play the old one on PC online is a little difficult, it works okay over Hamachi but it could be better. A new version with online play, goddamn! :mrgreen:

  • RestartRestart Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    I cannot wait to get my hands on Rock & Roll Climber! I was expecting more fanfare near its release...kind of just came out of nowhere!

  • Jam WarriorJam Warrior Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    Old thread bad!

    New thread good!

    Stop posting!

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